Flow Cytometry Core

The Division of Experimental Medicine Flow Core is located at ZSFG in Building 3 on the 5th and 6th floors.  The Flow Core is a state of the art flow cytometry facility offering training and services including:


For access to the DEM Flow Cytometry Core Facility:

  1. Create a MyCores Account
  2. Contact Alex Carvidi, Flow Core Manager

To Reserve a cytometer login to MyCores (via UCSF MyAccess)

To acknowledge the SFGH Flow Core Facility in your publication, please use the following text:

This research was supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, University of California San Francisco-Gladstone Institute of Virology & Immunology Center for AIDS Research (P30 AI027763).

What to bring when the ZSFGH flow cytometry core is running an experiment for you:

  1. List of fluorochromes
  2. Single stained cell controls to set PMTs
  3. Single stained bead compensation controls stained on the same day as experimental samples
  4. Any applicable FMOs (Fluorescence minus one)
  5. Experimental samples